Poetry: Stagnation

Many people enjoy just talking about the things they want to do or the things they wish they would have done. Yet, they have breath in their body and has been given another day to live. So, they have been granted another chance to. So, when there is another day granted, one should use that day to their advantage because the next day isn’t promised to none of us. Therefore, I would like to share a poem from my poetry book, “Inspirational Poems for the Storms” entitled Stagnation. This poem is to encourage someone to go forth to achieve their goals and dreams.


You are walking but where are you going?

You are sleeping. Do you realize that you are snoring?

You are standing still, why you will not move?

You claim to be smart; why allow the enemy to use you as a fool?

You are singing, but what is the name of that song?

You claim to be strong, but you refuse to hold on;

You are tired and I don’t understand why. You were off today and you have not been moving

. You claim to be humble and patient; why are you full of anticipation?

You have just been diagnosed with stagnation.


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