Good Customer Service, Business Booms

Good customer service is very essential in the workplace. I don’t know if employers have analyzed the attitudes of those individuals they hire. As a consumer who visits numerous of restaurants, from fast food restaurants to full-service din in restaurants, I have this urge to observe the attitudes of workers. It is bothersome that employees believe they will make a check whether a customer make a purchase or not. It is funny to me that employees think a business run off air. Sorry, that is a true misunderstanding that really needs to be corrected. Someone need to lecture them not just inform them that if there is no customer purchases made, there is no money being made.

Upon visiting various restaurants, I am always getting the servers with the bad attitudes. I understand everyone is going through some personal difficulties of some type. But, it is not fair to customers who have to receive the after effects of personal problems. As you would hear many of times, “Leave your personal problems at home”. I agree because it is not fair to the customers to receive the mistreatment and they are not even aware of the employees’ personal problems.

As a consumer, I give a restaurant who is struggling with good effective customer service three attempts regarding their customer service. If there has been an improvement before reaching the third strike, I would take back one strike from a poor service day. Therefore, allowing the restaurant another chance to continue receiving my business. Instead of entertaining and back biting at the server- attempting to make the problem worse, I just make up in my mind that this will be one restaurant off my list if the restaurant has reached its third disappointment strike. Like in baseball, three strikes and you are out. I have visited some restaurants that serve low quality food, but the good customer service is addictive..Therefore, I continue to visit that restaurant because of the service with prayers that the food with get better. That is why most businesses don’t realize why they are going out of business because there food is good and the restaurant across the street food is not as good, but they are still in business So, employees need to realize that consumers do have a choice of where to spend his/her dollars. Therefore, I hope that food servers or anyone in a customer service position will be encouraged and consumers will be open hearted and allow businesses a chance.


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