The Love of Inspirational Poetry

I have learned not to entertain people who speak negative comments pertaining to one’s achievements and goals. I guess I will never understand why someone would be unhappy and jealous of someone else accomplishments and achievements. There is no need of being upset because we all have the same opportunity of the next person. Relating to dreams being fulfilled and goals being accomplished, it is up to the individual. I have made up my mind to ignore all remarks degrading someone else success.

Writing poetry is my way of releasing my feelings regarding certain situations. Before I argue and engage in any devilish attacks, I rather get out my pencil and paper to begin writing. Not all the time, you want to talk to someone. But, there is nothing else that feels better than releasing all the pressure within in your own special way and still have peace.

Overall, I love to write inspirational poetry. It’ s a way to free my mind. It is a way to cope with life’s situations. Most of all, I am glad to know that my poetry serve as an inspiration to others who are hurting and going through difficult times. What do you have the love for?


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