Poetry: I Will Never Forget

Many people forget where they came from when success and prosperity enter his/her lives. They forget how it all started and who actually opened the door for that opportunity to take place. Well, I will like to acknowledge that special man. Because of the things he has brought me through, I wouls like to acknowledge him because I will never forget how my blessings orignated and where is my main source. Be inspired and uplifted with the poem from the poetry book, Inspirational Poems for the Storms entitled, “I Will Never Forget”.

I Will Never Forget

I will never forget when I was twelve or thirteen years old, the day I gave my life totally to Christ.  Needless to say, it was difficult for me to allow him to take control because I wanted to take actions at my own will;

The old life I tried to live continuously, but every since that day I gave my life totally to Christ, I experienced some real fiery trials; to realize everyone couldn’t be trusted, it took me a while;

I’ve been in situations that I didn’t know what to do, but I am so thankful that Christ brought me through.  He brought me through the storms and the rain, giving my life to Christ became an instant change;

Some drastic experiences were about to make me lose my mind; while going through, the world treated me so cold many times;

Getting to know Jesus is a relationship I’ll never regret, the strength he has given me and the miracles he has performed in my life, I will never forget.


Poetry: Nobody Greater

Nobody Greater

When I am alone and feel defeated of my foes
I begin to hear the opening of doors and windows;

Certain battles I am not equipped to fight on my own,
so, I began to make requests to the one who sits on the throne.  He will incline his ears to hear what I have to say; so many times throughout the years, he made a way.  I have stared the impossible right in the face, an encouraging word for man’s word, I refuse to trade;

He can override credit at any given point and time; he’ll grant your heart’s desire without paying a dime.  For he’s the doctor who numbers one’s days; he’s always on time; things may appear to be in denial, but just delayed;

There is no one like him; the one who sits on the throne.  No one can strengthen me and encourage me to hold on.  Some moments in life tend to increase my heart rate; he is my pacemaker, for he is awesome and great!


My Current Field

Do you enjoy you current field? Well, I enjoy my current field as a pharmacy technician. It was an awesome opportunity for me and an open door to have the chance to works as a pharmacy technician.

Well, I started with a nationwide retail chain pharmacy in July 2003 as a Customer Service Representative. I wolrked as a Customer Service Representative for a couple of months until I was offered the opportunity to work as a pharmacy cashier. I start becoming hesitative because I have never worked in the Pharmacy. While I was thinking about the offer, I found myself doubting myself because I focussed on my weakness of not being knowledgeable of anything pertaining to pharmacy. But, I overlooked the encouragement within me that I can be anything that I choose to be in life. I alsoknew that I was capable of learning any field once I receive training and study the proper guidelines and procedures pertaining the job position.

As someone who enjoys challenges, I accepted the offer of becoming a Pharmacy Cashier. It was a great learning experience because customers are holding you responsible for dispensing the right medication. So, I found the pharmacy department to be a very careful and tidious position. I worked as a Pharmacy Cashier for a couple of months until I was offered to become a Pharmacy Technician. Again, I accepted this offer because I knew I was entering a new level. Later, I took the certificiation exam and got certified. Finally, i became a Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician.

In conclusion, I enjoy my current field because I sympathize with customers as I listen to their personal problems. There is nothing like customers feeling at home. It is a great opportiunity to meet people over the entire country and outside the country. There is nothing like developing a customer relationship because people have so much to talk about and just need an open ear to listen. Most people get invovlved in certain fields for the money which is great. But, there is nothing like being a worker in a field that you enjoy! Are you enjoying your current field.

Poetry: Known From the Beginning

I have heard numerous of people quote that “we can be our worst enemies”. I truly agree because we are so hard on ourselves. We put all our time trying to fix situations and events that are beyond our control. Worrying how to fix situations that has already occurred and can’t be changed or corrected, leads to worrying and oppression. Just think all that energy that was used worrying, could have been used to be enthused and happy. Yet, time and energy has been invested in a scenario that can’t be changed nor restored. As human beings, we must realize that we are human and mistakes are going to be made. But, we can’t continue to allow the past to ride our backs and block our focus on the future. Realize there is a great man who knew us from the beginning. He knew the mistakes we were going to make before they were made. So, choose to move forward today because our shortcomings were known from the beginning.

Known from the Beginning

It was known from the beginning that I would experience a hot mess.  King Jesus has been with me through all of my fiery tests;

In life, I am giving my all and all, but what I am getting in return is all the hating comments.  I hear and let them burn.  I’m waiting on my breakthrough because I know I am next in line; the blessed moment is about to arrive when everything will be just fine.  During my calamity, I witnessed people laughing and grinning, although my faults and shortcomings were known from the beginning;

It was known from the beginning that I could stand the fiery test; when others have thrown in the towel, I am still standing.  More and more from me, the world is demanding.

Poetry: Who

There may be many friends and family members you may love dearly. But when trials and tribulations enter your life, who will truly be there to the end when everyone else has walked away? Be inspired and uplifted with “Who” from the poetry book, Inspirational Poems for the Storms.


Who is going to love me like the Almighty King?  Who is willing to be my everything?  Rock me constantly in the midnight hour when I can’t sleep, wipe my eyes consistently when I weep;

Who will protect me keeping danger and harm away?  When I am bothered by my circumstances, who will assure me that it’s going to be okay?  Who will provide heat when I am cold?  Who will give me knowledge and wisdom as I grow old?

Who will say “Yes” when my enemies say “No?”  Over the ugly situations, who will take control?  Who will give me bread when I am hungry?  Who will give me water when I am thirsty?  Who will pick me up when I tend to fall?  Who will remove the barriers, mountains and brick walls?

Who will hear me when I scream for help?  Who will cancel all of my debts?  When my world is so cloudy and misty blue?  Who will remove the cloudiness? Just who!

Poetry: Stagnation

Many people enjoy just talking about the things they want to do or the things they wish they would have done. Yet, they have breath in their body and has been given another day to live. So, they have been granted another chance to. So, when there is another day granted, one should use that day to their advantage because the next day isn’t promised to none of us. Therefore, I would like to share a poem from my poetry book, “Inspirational Poems for the Storms” entitled Stagnation. This poem is to encourage someone to go forth to achieve their goals and dreams.


You are walking but where are you going?

You are sleeping. Do you realize that you are snoring?

You are standing still, why you will not move?

You claim to be smart; why allow the enemy to use you as a fool?

You are singing, but what is the name of that song?

You claim to be strong, but you refuse to hold on;

You are tired and I don’t understand why. You were off today and you have not been moving

. You claim to be humble and patient; why are you full of anticipation?

You have just been diagnosed with stagnation.

Good Customer Service, Business Booms

Good customer service is very essential in the workplace. I don’t know if employers have analyzed the attitudes of those individuals they hire. As a consumer who visits numerous of restaurants, from fast food restaurants to full-service din in restaurants, I have this urge to observe the attitudes of workers. It is bothersome that employees believe they will make a check whether a customer make a purchase or not. It is funny to me that employees think a business run off air. Sorry, that is a true misunderstanding that really needs to be corrected. Someone need to lecture them not just inform them that if there is no customer purchases made, there is no money being made.

Upon visiting various restaurants, I am always getting the servers with the bad attitudes. I understand everyone is going through some personal difficulties of some type. But, it is not fair to customers who have to receive the after effects of personal problems. As you would hear many of times, “Leave your personal problems at home”. I agree because it is not fair to the customers to receive the mistreatment and they are not even aware of the employees’ personal problems.

As a consumer, I give a restaurant who is struggling with good effective customer service three attempts regarding their customer service. If there has been an improvement before reaching the third strike, I would take back one strike from a poor service day. Therefore, allowing the restaurant another chance to continue receiving my business. Instead of entertaining and back biting at the server- attempting to make the problem worse, I just make up in my mind that this will be one restaurant off my list if the restaurant has reached its third disappointment strike. Like in baseball, three strikes and you are out. I have visited some restaurants that serve low quality food, but the good customer service is addictive..Therefore, I continue to visit that restaurant because of the service with prayers that the food with get better. That is why most businesses don’t realize why they are going out of business because there food is good and the restaurant across the street food is not as good, but they are still in business So, employees need to realize that consumers do have a choice of where to spend his/her dollars. Therefore, I hope that food servers or anyone in a customer service position will be encouraged and consumers will be open hearted and allow businesses a chance.