Poetry:The Dead Man

Have you ever tried to forgive someone for something that happened in the past? Have you ever tried to forget something that was done to you that caused you to be hurt and disappointed? It seem like the very moment you get over all those things of the past, you meet relatives or friends who suddenly bring up the event or the person from the past-knowing that it bothers you physically or mentally.


I am going to take this time to share with you a poem from my poetry book, Inspirational Poems for the Storms, entitled “Dead Man”. Your dead man may be a life event such as: an old relationship, a childish move you made in the past, being at the wrong at the wrong time with the wrong people, or a grudge you had towards someone because of gossip. Well, I want you to know you can get rid of that dead man and bury him forever.

Dead Man


He is riding my back day and night like a horseman on a horse.

I have been through the fire, but I did not get scorched;

he has a grip on my left and right brain hemisphere like a pregnant woman grips her husband’s hand when it’s time to conceive.

He keeps hounding and bothering me daily;

He reminds me of nothing but my past.  Like a mother embraces her child with love;

just like I am nobody, the dead man pushes and shoves;

Holding my dream and goals in hostage like a victim who wants to be free;

he makes it so difficult for me to prosper and succeed.

He stinks and the odor is getting louder day by day—anything is possible to those who believe and speak “I can,” “I can.”

People were astounded when I got rid of that dead man.



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