Poetry: Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

Nobody knows what the future will bring.  Nobody knows on whose shoulder they will have to lean.  Nobody knows when it will be an individual’s last day on earth; nobody knows when one will conceive and give birth;

Nobody knows about the hurts within; nobody knows how double-minded are their friends. Nobody knows who are actually talking about them, but they have an idea; nobody knows when they will have to move and where they will live;

Nobody knows when the moon is going to be half or full, nobody knows what games or tricks their friends will pull; nobody knows if you are happy or sad if it’s not showing externally;

Nobody believes in my dreams, but me.  Nobody knows my journey through trials and tribulations: Nobody knows how joyous life can be if there’s no participation.  Nobody knows when bread will grow mold; some people pretend to know everything; however, some things, nobody knows.


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