Life: No One Knows Everything

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by a group of people who think they know everything? Well, I have been in that situation numerous of time. It bothers me to see how sometimes I find myself surrounded by a group of people who appear to know everything. Well, I am in my late twenties and I am still learning. I still have an open ear to hear what is new and the new way of doing things. As we take a look at our world, we see the advancement and evolving of technology. So, it is very close minded to shut the door on the new way of doing things. We need to have an open mind to new adventures. The way we complete tasks and enjoy life outside of work never stays the same. Therefore, we must be open- minded and willing to hear about the upgrades and updates available. But, some people are so stuck on the convenient and old way of doing things and you better not utter  a word to tell them differently.

I have concluded that these type of people are difficult to socialize with. The things they believe and the way things are done is right to them and no one cannot change what they think and the way things should be done. When  you come in contact with these type of people, be prepared to see how they get left behind as time continue to pass and they are doing things the same way as before. As an employee, friend, daughter, and writer, I tell people every day “ I am still learning” and “I learn something new everyday”. So, I am willing to admit that I don’t know everything, but I am surely willing to make the necessary adjustments that things will go smoothly and be as simple as possible. Do you know of someone that knows everything?


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