Poetry: I am not Perfect

Have you ever been around people who are quick to judge others?

I am not Perfect

 I am not perfect, but some people pretend to be. I hurt, experience lack, have debt, and weep. I have made mistakes in life on my own will; I am so thankful for grace and mercy—another day, I live;

I have sinned and came short of the glory, I have even been through the valley, fire, and tunnels; Oh! I have a life story;

Many of days I nearly lost my mind while wanting to smite my enemies physically.  Instead, I treated them so kind.  I have been in the wilderness like Moses for 40 days and 40 nights: I have experienced darkness for so long until I didn’t recognize the vision of light;

People perceive me as one whose life is wonderful and great;  just to walk in my shoes one day, isn’t a position you would trade.  People say that I am so sophisticated, like a specimen, I have been incubated;

Many are judging me, but there’s only one judge who sits on his throne.  Nevertheless, I made mistakes and been down the wrong path for I am not perfect.


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