Poetry: Be Hearers and Doers

Have you ever seen a person who have the potentials to achieve great things and you witness the full potentials within them? Well, I have and those same people I put forth effort to encourage them of the skills and gifts that I notice within. Yet, they continue to procrastinate and put things to the side. As they become older and witness the accomplishments and achievements of others, that same person begin experiencing a journey of wishing. You may hear words such as: “I wish I would’ve done this” or “I wish that I would’ve done that?” But, the person doesn’t think back how you have constantly been encouraging them of the great potentials they have within all these years. It seems as if some people don’t accept reality until they witness someone else make achievements who people degraded and looked down on. But, those same people are some of the world’s most richest people or striving to become rich and have produced values in life that cannot be duplicated. So, I would like to encourage someone who feel like they are no one and not entitled to success. The universe has so much to offer. Yes, we all need encouragement to build our self-morale as we attempt to achieve our purpose for life. Therefore, I would to like to share one of my poems from my poetry book, Inspirational Poems for the Storms, published on Amazon entitles, “Be Hearers and Doers”. This poem is to encourage someone not to wait  until the next person make achievements and accomplishments. Take initiative, absorb the positive things being spoken to you, and start your  achieving- not only hear the positive comments spoken into your life, but also make a move and do what it takes to see some results.

Be Hearers and Doers

You have heard the requests made unto you and like a manikin you have not made a move.

What is the meaning of words with no action?  “When are you going to move?”  I keep asking;

Words are entering one ear and exiting the other;

things that need to be heard, your ears you tend to cover.

Being a hearer and not a doer, guess what will be the result?

Nothing plus nothing, leaves nothing so don’t give up;

Be a hearer; absorb what you have heard, now walk it out.

You will face circumstances and may refuse to shout.

Focus on the problem for there is a problem solver in town,

Jesus said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”—24 /7 he is around;

Do you know Jesus promises for you and me?

You heard the words so you should be walking in victory.

We are more than conquerors refusing to be losers;

we should be hearers as well as doers.


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