Poetry: A Journey

Do you feel like giving up sometimes? Do you feel like life is not worth living and you want to throw in the towel. Well, there is hope for your situations. Don’t give up ! Since we are here on earth, we have to accept what life brings, but also overcome it all by standing our ground and continue putting forth effort to make it through it all. Yes, we are all overcomers.

A Journey

Life is a journey; it is a voyage that may be traveled by air or land,

it’s like a dirty beach; surrounding it, you see the crystal sand;

There is a purpose for your life so accept the mission that must be completed;

supernatural assistance is highly needed;

This is a journey that a traveling companion is a must;

In only one person, King Jesus, you must put your full trust.

He will never leave you nor forsake you;

whatever he promises he will do;

Hold your head up and look unto the sky, for you are never alone

although it may seem like you have hit a brick wall or reached a dead end zone.

Throughout this journey, you will hear words spoken against you.

You’ll find out your so called friends really are not true;

Your toes will get stepped on and be prepared to get stabbed in the back.

Your dignity, faith and belief will be attacked;

nevertheless, you will overcome the stumbling blocks and succeed,

for I plan to be more than a conqueror while traveling this journey.


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