3 Reasons I Write Inspirational Poetry

Can our world use some inspiration? Yes, it can. With all the bad news circulating throughout the world, people need to be informed there is still hope for any situation or adversity. As a newly self-publishing author who begun writing poetry at age 9, I would write simple poetry as a hobby. As years passed, my poetry became more on a personal level. As I experienced difficult times in life, I would grab a notebook and pencil to relieve the frustration and pain within. As tragedies and difficult times begun knocking at my door, I concluded that my poetry would do the following for others:

  • Inspire people during their difficult times
  • Encourage people that life doesn’t end because of their shortcomings
  • Uplift people during their adversities

Hearing and reading all the suicides and overdose deaths, people need to be encouraged of the more suitable ways of handling their problems. In conclusion, my heart is open to promote hope through my poetry. At the same time, I look forward to inspiring, encouraging, and motivating others. Can you use some inspiration right now?


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