Boast On

I hear many people boasting on his/her materialistic items. Bragging in such a manner that they can’t live without their fancy car, the rims, the two-toned color motorcycle, the home in the exclusive neighborhood, and the list goes on. It just touches me because none of the materialistic items would have been obtained without an open door.  There had to be an open door for an individual to earn income, win the lottery, or win the sweepstakes to invest in these materialistic items. But, there are people who think their fine costly materialistic items were obtained through a great deed of their own.

In conclusion, I would like to leave a poem from my inspirational poetry book, “Inspirational Poems for the Storms” entitled, “Boast On”. I hope this will give some people an insight on how we receive the finest things in life even though we don’t deserve it and everyone see us as unworthy. Yet, none of this is done because of a great deed or just because one think he/she is living better spiritually than others. Be careful


What are you boasting on?  Is it your job, crib, or car? No materialistic things have brought you this far; boast on the Alpha and Omega:  Boast on Jesus for he is my Savior; boast on Jehovah Jireh:  Boast on him, for he is an on time provider;

 Boast on the bread of life and the healer, for with his stripes I am healed; boast on the king of all kings, and the Lords of all Lords. I’ll keep boasting on the things he has done for I can’t ignore;

 Boast on the light of the world that cares for all human beings, for he has no respecter of person. Boast on the High Priest!  Oh, he has been so good to me; the one who said that I will not borrow, but loan.  Tell me, who will you boast on?


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