Encouragement: Just Stand

Life can be difficult when you have done all you can possibly do to make things work out to the best of your ability. You have prayed until you just begin to moan. You have put forth effort day after day. You have questioned yourself until answers seem to be hid in the clouds with no intentions of falling down. Living life is not easy at all especially when you have to carry the load and burden of others whom you sympathize/empathize with.

I have learned to accept life and its cycle. Realizing there is a recession, booming, and expansion period. There are going to be some sad times, happy times, depressing times, and oppressing times. Welcome to the real world which is living on earth as a human being.  Even though difficult times may come, life is only what you make of it. Do you want wealth? You can have it. Do you want prosperity? You can have it. Do you want joy? You can have it. Do you want peace? You can have it. Like a grocery list, the list goes on and on. Knowing you are entitled to those entire great things, should boost your morale.

Despite of what your situation look like, stand. No matter what you feel like, continue to stand. Once you continue to stand through it all, events will approach you and may later flee from you- knowing you are not going down without a fight. So, I encourage someone who plans on giving up today. Just stand!


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