Delayed, but not Denied

Curses have been placed on me for no reason at all.  I feel like humpty dumpty who sat on the wall and had a great fall.  The enemy seeks to devour me whole.  Over my life, the enemy wants total control;

It feels like my skull has been banged against a brick wall like a crash dummy—when I am in public, people just stare at me, mistaken me as a foreigner that has migrated from another country;

I want all the things back that have been taken from me.  So many good things are due to me at this present time; so much beyond my imagination and I will be awarded for my crying;

For all of the hurts, pain, disappointments, and heartaches, someone must pay; who is man to number my days?  I rebuke the curses that plan to overtake me.  For the blessings stored up, release them 7 fold and I will receive;

At first, it didn’t look like the blessings were coming so I cried and cried, for joy comes in the morning, because the blessings are just delayed, not denied.


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