Motivation:Left Me Standing in the Cold

I have concluded that being left standing in the cold can be worth the wait. Many of times, I would feel the loneliness and abandonment wondering will the door ever be open. How long must I wait? How many times must I knock? As I stood outside alone, I would hear negative remarks shouted at me that included, “You’ll never be anything in life”, “Quit trying”, and “No one cares about you”. These remarks were stated by relatives, co-workers, friends, and associates.

After years of knocking at the door of prosperity and success, I realize timing is the key. Sense of urgency, determination, dependability, and motivation were essential factors in the door being opened. While standing in the extremely cold weather waiting patiently, I had begun to encourage myself. In addition, I remained optimistic about the uncomfortable condition.

Finally, I discovered that there are some people who are responsible for encouraging and inspiring others. There are some individuals whose purpose is to be leaders. So, everyone experience of being left in the cold may not be in the same manner as the next person. To become real leaders, you must undergo the long and uncomfortable process-being left standing in the cold. During the process, the characteristics of a real leader begun to display. A process that involves no one to call on, no one to turn to, and endurance. Knocking at the door consistently and surviving the cold weather when it reaches its record lowest shows the real characteristics of a leader. As a leader, you can later coach others who may experience their time in life when they are left standing in the cold. As you are consistent and determined, the door will soon become opened that you may seek shelter. As a self-publisher of the poetry eBook,” Inspirational Poems for the Storms”, I have learned to accept being left standing in the cold. Because if I had not experienced being left standing in the cold, I would not have known how to handle the challenges and negative remarks that I faced leading to the publishing of my 1st poetry eBook, “Inspirational Poems for the Storms”. So, are you willing to experience being left standing in the cold or will you give up knocking at the door because the door is not opened immediately?


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