Unhappiness is Contagious

Have you ever been in public around some of the unhappiest people? They can be shopping in the nearby grocery store, dinning in a restaurant, walking through the park, or co-workers at your place of employment.

It is amazing to see how these individuals are so miserable. They will go another route to avoid you, slowly walk for you to pass them by, or begin to walk with their head down to avoid looking at you. As I witness the gestures and actions of these people, my heart yearns to encourage them and uplift them because I can sense the unhappiness. At the same time, there is evidence of some problems that need solutions. Speaking is free- it is a sign of being courteous.

There has been numerous of times when I would speak to an individual and receive no response. To show how unhappiness is contagious, it highly bothered me. At the same time, I found myself treating others the same way throughout the day. Even though it wasn’t my character, I became hesitative of speaking to others- wondering should I or should I not speak to different individuals based on his/her facial expression or gesture.

As a courteous person at all times, I concluded I must remain strengthened in my character and daily walk. Be careful of surrounding yourself with unhappy people because unhappiness is contagious. In conclusion, don’t allow the unpleasant experiences of unhappy people ruin your entire day. Despite of the feedback you may receive from others, continue to be courteous and uplifting to those who are unhappy.


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