Real Happiness

I just read an article titled, “Is the USA moving toward a happiness index?” by Wendy Koch. It is a very interesting article in which surveys are taken and certain indicators are examined to measure our happiness. Statistics has shown from the previous ten to thirty years that it hasn’t been a tremendous difference in happiness.
I believe happiness is an inside job that each individual has to discover in his or her own way. Happiness comes from engaging in activities that you enjoy and seeing progress made in life. As we know, money cannot buy happiness. I am aware of some of the wealthiest people who are not happy. To them, there is something lacking in his or her life that will promote happiness. Happiness is when voids and emptiness are fulfilled with what that individual has been yearning for. Happiness is a choice that we must make on our own. No one can force happiness on an individual. Seeing those voids and emptiness replaced with joy and favor, boosts individuals’ morale knowing that he or she is an over comer.
What makes me happy? I am happy when I see my goals are being achieved, having a positive impact on other people’s lives, and seeing progress in my life. When I witness accomplishments made in my life that serve as a positive impact on other lives, that makes me happy. Knowing others have been touched in an optimistic way by a good deed that I’ve done, makes me happy. In conclusion, happiness derives from adversities that one may experience which should’ve turned out as a harmful or dangerous result. But, the outcome was reversed in the individual’s best interest. When shown favor in the most drastic situations, one should be very happy. I enjoy being that special one out the crowd interacting with others that makes the entire crowd of unhappy people become happy.Be Happy!


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