Poetry: Broke, But Not Forgotten

I would like to take the time to share one of my poems from my poetry book, “Inspirational Poems for the Storms”. This poem is to let readers know that financial burdens may appear and your pockets may seem to have a hole. As we take time to be thankful for what we do have, individuals will be amazed of how a way will be made when we see no way in the area of our finances.

I may not have a penny to my name but my attitude remains the same.

You will never know that I am broke;

You will never know whose neck I want to choke;

You will never know when anger is built within;

you will never know my heart is broken and needsa mend;

Bills are due and I don’t have a dime,

First thing comes to mind is to commit a theft crime;

I can’t do that because I will have to serve time.

I must make a good decision—I must draw the line;

Do I want to be isolated from the world like a prisoner in a cell,

or do I want to continue experiencing shortages and go through hell.

I’ll continue through the fire because I won’t be scorched;

my enemies enjoy seeing the pain I experience, they even celebrate on the porch;

Oh my gosh!

Look what has dropped from the sky, there is someone above who will supply;

the table has turned and the role has been called and all of my needs are met,

no longer am I feeling like an unwanted pet.

I am stronger now than I have ever been;

no longer am I broke or forgotten.



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