Poetry: Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

Nobody knows what the future will bring.  Nobody knows on whose shoulder they will have to lean.  Nobody knows when it will be an individual’s last day on earth; nobody knows when one will conceive and give birth;

Nobody knows about the hurts within; nobody knows how double-minded are their friends. Nobody knows who are actually talking about them, but they have an idea; nobody knows when they will have to move and where they will live;

Nobody knows when the moon is going to be half or full, nobody knows what games or tricks their friends will pull; nobody knows if you are happy or sad if it’s not showing externally;

Nobody believes in my dreams, but me.  Nobody knows my journey through trials and tribulations: Nobody knows how joyous life can be if there’s no participation.  Nobody knows when bread will grow mold; some people pretend to know everything; however, some things, nobody knows.


Poetry: Be Hearers and Doers

Have you ever seen a person who have the potentials to achieve great things and you witness the full potentials within them? Well, I have and those same people I put forth effort to encourage them of the skills and gifts that I notice within. Yet, they continue to procrastinate and put things to the side. As they become older and witness the accomplishments and achievements of others, that same person begin experiencing a journey of wishing. You may hear words such as: “I wish I would’ve done this” or “I wish that I would’ve done that?” But, the person doesn’t think back how you have constantly been encouraging them of the great potentials they have within all these years. It seems as if some people don’t accept reality until they witness someone else make achievements who people degraded and looked down on. But, those same people are some of the world’s most richest people or striving to become rich and have produced values in life that cannot be duplicated. So, I would like to encourage someone who feel like they are no one and not entitled to success. The universe has so much to offer. Yes, we all need encouragement to build our self-morale as we attempt to achieve our purpose for life. Therefore, I would to like to share one of my poems from my poetry book, Inspirational Poems for the Storms, published on Amazon entitles, “Be Hearers and Doers”. This poem is to encourage someone not to wait  until the next person make achievements and accomplishments. Take initiative, absorb the positive things being spoken to you, and start your  achieving- not only hear the positive comments spoken into your life, but also make a move and do what it takes to see some results.

Be Hearers and Doers

You have heard the requests made unto you and like a manikin you have not made a move.

What is the meaning of words with no action?  “When are you going to move?”  I keep asking;

Words are entering one ear and exiting the other;

things that need to be heard, your ears you tend to cover.

Being a hearer and not a doer, guess what will be the result?

Nothing plus nothing, leaves nothing so don’t give up;

Be a hearer; absorb what you have heard, now walk it out.

You will face circumstances and may refuse to shout.

Focus on the problem for there is a problem solver in town,

Jesus said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”—24 /7 he is around;

Do you know Jesus promises for you and me?

You heard the words so you should be walking in victory.

We are more than conquerors refusing to be losers;

we should be hearers as well as doers.

Life: No One Knows Everything

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by a group of people who think they know everything? Well, I have been in that situation numerous of time. It bothers me to see how sometimes I find myself surrounded by a group of people who appear to know everything. Well, I am in my late twenties and I am still learning. I still have an open ear to hear what is new and the new way of doing things. As we take a look at our world, we see the advancement and evolving of technology. So, it is very close minded to shut the door on the new way of doing things. We need to have an open mind to new adventures. The way we complete tasks and enjoy life outside of work never stays the same. Therefore, we must be open- minded and willing to hear about the upgrades and updates available. But, some people are so stuck on the convenient and old way of doing things and you better not utter  a word to tell them differently.

I have concluded that these type of people are difficult to socialize with. The things they believe and the way things are done is right to them and no one cannot change what they think and the way things should be done. When  you come in contact with these type of people, be prepared to see how they get left behind as time continue to pass and they are doing things the same way as before. As an employee, friend, daughter, and writer, I tell people every day “ I am still learning” and “I learn something new everyday”. So, I am willing to admit that I don’t know everything, but I am surely willing to make the necessary adjustments that things will go smoothly and be as simple as possible. Do you know of someone that knows everything?

Poetry:The Dead Man

Have you ever tried to forgive someone for something that happened in the past? Have you ever tried to forget something that was done to you that caused you to be hurt and disappointed? It seem like the very moment you get over all those things of the past, you meet relatives or friends who suddenly bring up the event or the person from the past-knowing that it bothers you physically or mentally.


I am going to take this time to share with you a poem from my poetry book, Inspirational Poems for the Storms, entitled “Dead Man”. Your dead man may be a life event such as: an old relationship, a childish move you made in the past, being at the wrong at the wrong time with the wrong people, or a grudge you had towards someone because of gossip. Well, I want you to know you can get rid of that dead man and bury him forever.

Dead Man


He is riding my back day and night like a horseman on a horse.

I have been through the fire, but I did not get scorched;

he has a grip on my left and right brain hemisphere like a pregnant woman grips her husband’s hand when it’s time to conceive.

He keeps hounding and bothering me daily;

He reminds me of nothing but my past.  Like a mother embraces her child with love;

just like I am nobody, the dead man pushes and shoves;

Holding my dream and goals in hostage like a victim who wants to be free;

he makes it so difficult for me to prosper and succeed.

He stinks and the odor is getting louder day by day—anything is possible to those who believe and speak “I can,” “I can.”

People were astounded when I got rid of that dead man.


Poetry: A Journey

Do you feel like giving up sometimes? Do you feel like life is not worth living and you want to throw in the towel. Well, there is hope for your situations. Don’t give up ! Since we are here on earth, we have to accept what life brings, but also overcome it all by standing our ground and continue putting forth effort to make it through it all. Yes, we are all overcomers.

A Journey

Life is a journey; it is a voyage that may be traveled by air or land,

it’s like a dirty beach; surrounding it, you see the crystal sand;

There is a purpose for your life so accept the mission that must be completed;

supernatural assistance is highly needed;

This is a journey that a traveling companion is a must;

In only one person, King Jesus, you must put your full trust.

He will never leave you nor forsake you;

whatever he promises he will do;

Hold your head up and look unto the sky, for you are never alone

although it may seem like you have hit a brick wall or reached a dead end zone.

Throughout this journey, you will hear words spoken against you.

You’ll find out your so called friends really are not true;

Your toes will get stepped on and be prepared to get stabbed in the back.

Your dignity, faith and belief will be attacked;

nevertheless, you will overcome the stumbling blocks and succeed,

for I plan to be more than a conqueror while traveling this journey.

Poetry: I am not Perfect

Have you ever been around people who are quick to judge others?

I am not Perfect

 I am not perfect, but some people pretend to be. I hurt, experience lack, have debt, and weep. I have made mistakes in life on my own will; I am so thankful for grace and mercy—another day, I live;

I have sinned and came short of the glory, I have even been through the valley, fire, and tunnels; Oh! I have a life story;

Many of days I nearly lost my mind while wanting to smite my enemies physically.  Instead, I treated them so kind.  I have been in the wilderness like Moses for 40 days and 40 nights: I have experienced darkness for so long until I didn’t recognize the vision of light;

People perceive me as one whose life is wonderful and great;  just to walk in my shoes one day, isn’t a position you would trade.  People say that I am so sophisticated, like a specimen, I have been incubated;

Many are judging me, but there’s only one judge who sits on his throne.  Nevertheless, I made mistakes and been down the wrong path for I am not perfect.

3 Reasons I Write Inspirational Poetry

Can our world use some inspiration? Yes, it can. With all the bad news circulating throughout the world, people need to be informed there is still hope for any situation or adversity. As a newly self-publishing author who begun writing poetry at age 9, I would write simple poetry as a hobby. As years passed, my poetry became more on a personal level. As I experienced difficult times in life, I would grab a notebook and pencil to relieve the frustration and pain within. As tragedies and difficult times begun knocking at my door, I concluded that my poetry would do the following for others:

  • Inspire people during their difficult times
  • Encourage people that life doesn’t end because of their shortcomings
  • Uplift people during their adversities

Hearing and reading all the suicides and overdose deaths, people need to be encouraged of the more suitable ways of handling their problems. In conclusion, my heart is open to promote hope through my poetry. At the same time, I look forward to inspiring, encouraging, and motivating others. Can you use some inspiration right now?