Worrying for What

Do you worry? How often do you worry? What are you worrying about?904674_red_faced_ghoul

We all worry from time to time in life. But some people worry nearly everyday. Majority of the worrying has absolutely nothing to do with the individual nor does the individual have any control over it.

According to an article by Margarita Tartakovsky, too much worrying can produce anxiety, paralyze productivity and problem solving. It can also cause problems in relationships. Most people feel powerless over worry and anxiety. But, you have power over worrying and don’t realize it. To conquer worrying, follow the 5 step model:

  • Label worries thoughts
  • Let go of control
  • Accept and observe thoughts and feelings
  • Be mindful of the present moment
  • Proceed in the right direction

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Happy New Year’s Day

Are you excited about the year 2015?l, I am. I am expecting so much more than 2014 had to offer me.

My mind, heart, and soul is open to receive my share of blessings. I hope you are in expecting mode. Despite of what it looks like or what it feels like. It is an honor and privilege just to make it to this point of life.

I challenge my readers to get  in a mode of expectation starting Today! Are you ready to receive your share of blessings and opportunities. I encourage you to help others get in a mode of expectation.

Fashion: Gorgeous Jewelry

 Vivianna necklace Lasse Nicklace Carolyn Earrings goldpearl earrings


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Inspirational Poetry

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Are you experiencing trials and tribulations? Are you seeking an encouraging word just to make it through the day? Well, there is nothing like being inspired and informed hat there is hope for your situations. 

As an author, I have faced numerous of obstacles and fought many battles with the assistance of my Heavenly Father. That is not to boast or brag, but that statement is to let you know that hope is real and there is a such thing of being an overcomer.

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Fashion Designer Jewelry: Be a Star

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Life Was Meant to be Fun




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